Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jellicle Cats!

"Introducing Performance" day at the V&A; here I assisted amazing demonstrations of costumes and make-up for performance. The highlight was when the make-up artist transformed a young girl into one of the Jellicle Cats from Cats the Musical (this is where I admit to seeing Cats four times; all before the age of 12 I hasten to add).


There are many reasons why I'm not an investment banker.

I was always abysmal at maths.

I could never pull off a power suit.

I like Liverpool Street for Spitalfields market, not the stock market.

I would rather spend my time being creative and inspiring others to be creative.

That's the most soul-filled reason, and the one that led me to where I am now. I went to Chelsea College of Art and Design, where I ferociously discovered feminism and collage; subsequently paint too. Whilst studying I fell into working for the fab Tate Modern Families programme "START", giving tons of families activities that varied from surrealist drawing ideas to Pollock inspired ribbon throwing.

Tate Modern was the gallery that suckered me in to art you see. The deep, luring alcoves of Anish Kapoor; the seductive yet alarming world of Louise Bourgeois; I couldn't get enough of it.

I still can't!

I now work for the Families programme at both Tate Modern, Tate Britain and The Victoria and Albert Museum, whilst continuing paint, collage and feminism (less ferociously now). Yes I could potentially (maths skills being wildly improved) be earning lots in the city, but I think I'm pretty happy being creative and doing stuff.

Just up there is a picture from a workshop I assisted with the English National Ballet during their residency at Tate Britain. A beautiful morning, resulting in me persuading a young girl that the more she danced with the giant feather, the more she might turn into a swan. A little bit of the feather flew off and she came up and sneaked into my pocket. It's still there.